For many years I lacked confidence in my ability to satisfy my partner in a sexual and emotional way. I reached out and stumbled across the website of Lynne Ann Boles. It was a stumble that is beginning to change my life. From the moment I walked into her home I felt I was in the presence of a woman who wanted to get to know me and understand me. Lynne patiently took the time to hear my story and offered some genuine and stimulating advice on my life choices to date and gently offered suggestions to help me and my wife resurrect our relationship. The tantric element of our time together awakened in me a side of me when had been dormant for many years. Even though it’s only a short time since I met Lynne, my emotional and sexual relationship with my wife is starting to take a wonderful turn for the better.

I will be forever grateful to Lynne and I would wholeheartedly recommend this amazing woman to any man struggling with his emotional or sexual confidence.

It was a fantastically enjoyable experience for both of us and certainly woke up parts of us that we felt didn't exist. It also brought about an open and honest assessment of our sexual relationship and our relationship with sex. We have no doubt this is the first step on a journey together where we can grow closer over the years as we learn to truly relax with each other's body. In short we loved the whole experience, the open honest talking was also an essential part of the overall experience. I have no doubt we will see you both again.

D & P

I had a 2-hour session with Lynne last night and l will definitely be back. This stuff is hard to explain as a beginner so all l can say is it was other worldly. She is extremely sensual, experienced and made me feel very comfortable. 10 out of 10.

I was looking for somebody who could help me unwind by both relaxing me and excite me. Lynne perfectly succeeded in both at the same time. You will be in good hands - literally - I can describe her touch as the most beautiful torture I've ever had