About Me

Hi, my name is Lynne. I am originally from the United States, where I grew up in Swampscott, Massachusetts. I moved over to Ireland in 2001 and now I work n live in another small town in Ireland called Boyle, Co. Roscommon. Here is where I live for now where I’ve created NirvanaBoyle where I open up my home to workshops and other gatherings. My plan is to do the same in Peru.  In Peru Ayahuasca is legal and many Peruvians use this medicine for healing help in life and enlightenment.

My journey into Tantra began in 2008 when my marriage came to an end. At the time, this was devastating for me and brought up many painful memories from my childhood which I had never come to terms with.  However, now I can see that it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

After hitting rock bottom, I began rebuilding my life. I used the pain as my motivation to heal myself. I started meditating, eating healthy and appreciating nature. I also began working in the field of bioenergy healing as I wanted to share my new sense of contentment with others.

Several years later, I ended another relationship yet I still felt the same sense of loss as I had with my husband. Again, I used the pain as fuel to help me grow. I realised I had become disillusioned with ‘traditional’ sex and relationships. I also became aware why the end of this relationship affected me so strongly. I was still searching for something outside of myself to bring happiness within. I thought I had learned this lesson.

Tantra came into my life shortly after this break-up.  It wasn’t long after I sold my jewellery business, I received an email that would shake up my life. At first glance, it looked like junk mail but I was curious and looked in. It was for a tantric workshop with a man named Andrew Barnes. I felt this was a sure signal of better things to come, so I signed up immediately.

During the workshop, I began to realise that many of the twists and turns in my life had been preparing me for this. The energy work I had previously been doing was helpful, but this I believe was my true calling. The tantric way of life meant I could stop searching outside of myself for real happiness.

Since then I have been passionately practising and learning more about the art of tantra and massage. It has taken me all over the world to places like Israel Brazil Estonia Czech Republic Thailand Cambodia Laos Vietnam England France and Peru and more where I learned how to enjoy life and thrive!

I currently attend and run workshops in the tantra community in many fields such as sexuality food as medicine breathwork and plant-based healings.

Tantra has changed my life. I hope it can change yours too!

I’m already doing this in Peru – They’re plans for Cusco
For more information check out: Nirvana Healing Center

Breath is life. Connect to life through the breath. How? By gaining a greater sense of self through touch, sex and pleasure. Self-awareness is the ultimate goal of sexuality, knowing your God-like Divine Self. Merge with your entire Being… your Universal You